Friday, July 11, 2014

Some lovely morning and pre-storm picture taken by Brian Yorck.....Thank you!

In many of these photos you see the dramatic skies...but the drama is really happening below the surface of all of these wonderful cover crops.  

Cover crops are typically a grain or legume that are grown between high value crops (vegetables in our case).   These diverse crops break cycles of pests and disease that can build up over many years of growing vegetables. They also cover the soil keeping erosion at bay during heavy storms.  They keep nutrients in place with their roots as well as by absorbing them into their plant material.   Legume cover crops work with microbes in the soil to fix nitrogen from the air bringing it into the soil!!!  

So as you enjoy these dramatic skies...ponder the complexities of the natural world and the richness that diversity gives to our soils and our lives.

from the road

Fields of barley

Mixed barley, oats, rye and peas

The road to ?????

More mixed cover crops

This is the Rye & very colorful Vetch!

Waving in the breeze.

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