Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The New Roof!!!!

Mike Roper from Southpaw Specialties finished our Big Barn Roof this weekend!!!!  When he tore off the old metal roofing and the original shingles...and the rotten boards, this is what it looked like.

Now it is clear why the barn floor was wet after the rain!!!

We were all amazed at the height he was working at...luckily we had some beautiful bluebird skies for the job!!!! 
 The old metal roofing is covering firewood pile now, if it was too damaged we took it to the dump
 The whole job was done with scaffolding instead of a lift.
 As the original shingles came tumbling down from the roof, and were loaded for disposal into bins, I wondered about the folks who last touched them.  The post depression men who built and shingled that roof in 1949.  How did this job effect them?   What did they go on to do in their lives?  Were they young, old, local men or from a distance?  Lots of questions for us to research in the future.  Lovely to live here in a place where there is a community memory of events that take place. 
 Here you can see the fixed and unfixed portions.  We are looking forward to the first rain.
Thank you Mike!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The season continues to stay interesting...right up until the end.  Our last summer CSA distributions are this week, and while the snow was falling, we were preparing for the 10th annual storage crop sale coming up November 5th.

Chilled Arugula!
 Our winter CSA distributions will start November 19th and we will be going through February 2012!!!!

Cozy under the remay!
  Though mother nature has thoroughly tested us this season, we have had an incredibly bountiful year.  We were able to freeze tomatoes, peppers, beans and collards and kale, all to be distributed along side our fresh from the field vegetables, as well as our fall harvested storage crops!!!!!  It will be great eating all winter long.

Yikes it looks cold out there!
  We are busy planning for next year....on the horizon is some new cultivating equipment to better kill weeds in the small grains that we raise for our cover crop well as field houses for our summer tomato crop...we really can't stomach another season like this past one (very few tomatoes)!!!

Cold Cold Cold
 We are presently re-roofing our main barn in preparation for housing the inverter for our new solar system...going in before the snow flies...ooops I guess I should say before the winter really kicks in!!!

Mesclun in the Cooler
 Because ...that is snow on the mesclun in that photo...
Out to the Hill
The kids had a blast this weekend and the snow forts and snow men are still standing.
Kale only sweetens with the cold
 Fortunately the snow has left the fields and the vegetables fared well.
Haloween Fun
Pipi, the scarecrow, captain Jack and our little politician are ready for a great winter!!!!