Friday, May 24, 2013

Planting Planting Planting.....

Its cold, it's hot it's cold, it's hot... spring is unpredictable by nature.  Since we do many plantings of many different crops we are considerably more protected from these fluctuations than farmers who grow only a few crops.  Below is a quick sampling of what is in (and out of) the greenhouse right now.  

 Sweet corn waiting to be planted.  We have some great sweet varieties for this season!
 Lettuce in many colors and textures from tender boston to crisp romaine...salad is a staple all season long!!!
 Lots of different summer squashes and zucchinis this year...middle eastern types, striped, golden, yellow and scalloped ones as well.
 Behind these squashes you can see the cucumbers....we will have both pickling and slicers again this year....nothing like a cool cucumber salad on a hot summer day!
Here are the many peppers, tomatoes and eggplants that we have been planting...too many varieties to name.  We will be doing four plantings of tomatoes this year and are hoping for another great tomato season!!!!

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