Thursday, July 30, 2009

Video Footage from our flooded Fields

Chris took a drive out to the fields this morning, he starts out driving over the bridge...all that water is over the bridge...Then you can see the wheat and rye , or rather you can see water...the wheat and rye are under it...Fortunately most of our vegetable ground is not under water. A few crops we are worried about are the celery, celeriac and leeks. They are still under water as of this evening and we are expecting another inch of rain it does not look like they will be getting dry any time soon. Our experience is that after 24 hours of submersion most vegetables suffocate and start to rot...we will see.

You can see in another view of the lower fields how hairy it was getting out to the potatoes to dig...after an entire night of steady rain (about 6 inches). Please disregard the amateur filming...It is hard to drive and keep on the road with a camera in your hand.

More photos to come...hopefully the rain will stop.


  1. wow! amazing views...I got a little dizzy there...sunny tomorrow! BEtsy and Abigail

  2. After seeing his video Chris will not move the camera around so much...he now knows it takes a steady hand to keep viewers from getting sea sick...KT

  3. I'm a little car sick now, Chris. Sunny today!