Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Day in NYC

What a party!!!!
The Farm at Miller's Crossing went to the big apple for Earth Day and it was fun!!!!
Greene Harvest CSA is just about full thanks to all of the hard work of the team down there...and the Habana Outpost was clearly a hub of activism, local food and environmental stewardship, inspiring and energizing...though we came home exhausted.
Lael, Connelly,AnneMae and Christopher John all enjoyed our first family trip to NYC. Grandma Cashen and Aunt Katy drove down to lend a hand and see the sites.
It is hard to leave the Farm...there is
so much going on here right now, Greenhouses full, cows having calves and plants going in the ground. All of it needs constant monitoring and management to be sure that everything goes well. Whether it is a cow with mastitis, a hot day and plants needing water, or 50 mile an hour gusts of wind ripping up plastic and floating row covers, when we leave, there is no one here to watch out for all that could go wrong. On the surface it seems so quiet and calm, and certainly feels different than the bustle and crowds of the city, but Mother Earth is keeping us busy and always on our toes!!!

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